Bedtime (#52Blogs)

Stupid busy weekends! I’ve putting this one off all week but I did a quick one. It’s a bit late but at least it’s here. Enjoy.

I’ve always loved my bed. Not just for sleeping, it’s a place for dreaming.

As a child I loved the world under my blankets. I would turn on my torch and tuck my head down to read a book after lights out. More than once mum has checked on me and found me deep in some novel at 2am.

Beyond that though, I’ve always loved to the opportunities to day dream in bed. It’s also one of the reasons I love winter so much! Snuggled up with just my ninja eyes showing, imagining I was a captain of a ship out on the ocean, or maybe fighting aliens on some far away planet. Flying over the earth or even under the sea exploring its strange and wonderful depths. Maybe I’m Batman, or what about a robot? What would my insides look like? Anything is possible!

I love getting into a freezing cold bed. None of that electric blanket nonsense for me. No sir! I like to get in, snuggle down and feel the bed warm up from my own body heat. Tucking myself into a ball like a tiny sun.

There is just one thing however. One rule you must always follow; never, and I mean EVER, let your arms or legs stray over the edge of the bed. You DO want to wake up the next morning right?


About Andy Dekens

Oddball currently living in Perth, Western Australia. Hoping to try and see some more of this amazing planet.

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  1. Phew – I am *so* glad someone else mentioned it (espec. since I forgot to!).

    I sometimes try to sleep with my arm hanging over the side of the bed, particularly when it’s hot, but I always, always bottle out and have to bring my limb back within the safe confines of the bed. I can’t even bear to have my feet uncovered when I’m trying to get to sleep.

    Clearly this is the result of some deep seated childhood trauma. Or maybe just from watching Poltergeist. Or Toy Story. Don’t people realise that everything in the bedroom comes to life when the lights go off? There are hands under the bed that *WILL* grab you if any part of your body falls within reach. You’re next! YOU’RE NEXT!!

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