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Seabird WA Panorama

Seabird WA Panorama

I’ve sorely neglected this blog for ages now, but I’ve decided to refocus the theme of it anyway.

I’ve had a sudden… I don’t want to say epiphany, let’s say realization, recently that I need to start going traveling. I’ve spent most of my life living week to week and focusing on buying possessions that I have neglected to get out and see the world. I think I’ve missed out on a big part of my development and it’s time to fix that.

I’m planning a trip to New Zealand next year as well as some smaller more local trips. I’m also getting back into going hiking more often so I’ll be posting some stuff about that, with some pictures.

So while this blog won’t be ALL about travel, I will be writing a lot about my plans and later on my experiences. I also want to get back to writing in general; movies, TV, geek stuff and whatever.


About Andy Dekens

Oddball currently living in Perth, Western Australia. Hoping to try and see some more of this amazing planet.

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