Cake (#52Blogs)

mmm cakeDear Cake,

It is only because I love you that I must tell you these things:

When I was younger, I was always more of a savory person. Chips, hot chips, sausage rolls, spring rolls etc. But as I’ve grown, I have developed a decidedly unhealthy sweet tooth. As a diabetic, this makes our relationship decidedly problematic.

In short(crust), we need to stop seeing each other. I must start ignoring you at parties, and forget those midnight rendezvous at the fridge, or those meet cutes at the bakery. It was fun while it lasted, but It’s just not working for me anymore.

I’m not saying we’ll never see each other again. One day I will be out somewhere, and we will see each other across a crowded mall and then… I will just have to have you, right there in public. Perhaps even coffee will join our hijinks.

I will always remember those heady days of licking the cream cheese frosting from your moist body, and tasting the filling from between your spongy pillows. But we both know we aren’t good for each other.

No, please don’t cry those sweet, sweet chocolate ganache tears. Farewell my love, until my waistline sees 99kgs again…


52 Blogs Content

So it looks like there might start being more “me” generated content on this tumblr soon. Something I haven’t really done for a long time.

I’m participating in 52Blogs, which you can see all the participants over on the main Tumblr here:

Basically every week there will be a topic or question, and all the members will do their own post on it. It should be fun. 🙂